Network and internet

Setting up a (wireless) network

Many households have multiple computers and a router/gateway. On this page all you need to know about creating a (wireless) network!

Forwarding ports on the modem/router

For some applications (like file sharing software), it is necessary that specific ports on the modem (and router) are forwarded to the computer. This page describes broadly outlined how this is done. For this purpose, a computer connected to an Alcatel SpeedTouch ADSL modem is used. The example continuous with a SMC-router since many are using a (wireless) router, which is situated between the modem and the computer(s).

Sharing files with a mapped network drive

This page is about the sharing of files with a mapped network drive, to make the files available by other computers attached in the network.

Internet Explorer

Both Windows XP and Windows Vista are equipped with the internet browser Internet Explorer, the most used browser for visiting web pages. This page describes the different settings and the different options offered by Internet Explorer.

Windows Live Mail

For Outlook Express and Windows Mail (the default mailing programs within Windows XP and Windows Vista) users it can be interesting to switch to the free mail program Windows Live Mail. Thanks to the additional features and the renewed user interface, this Live product offers some improvement compared to the default Windows mail programs. Especially the filer for unwanted mail will be an improvement for the Outlook Express users!

E-mail settings Outlook

This page describes the e-mail settings for Outlook.

Useful tips for sending e-mail and preventing spam

This page is about the different aspects of sending e-mail like sending an e-mail with an encrypted or big file as attachment, opening of blocked attachments and the downloading of e-mail from multiple computers. The page concludes with some useful tips to prevent receiving junk mail (and viruses) as much as possible.

Searching the internet with Copernic

Copernic Agent Basic is an application to search the internet. Copernic uses different search engines like AltaVista, HotBot, LookSmart, Lycos, Microsoft Live, Yahoo! and many others. By combining the search results from the different search engines, you will get good search results.

Interesting web pages

This page contains interesting web pages elsewhere on the internet.

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